Goodbye Traditional Dreidel

Unless you're under the age of five or have an obsession with things that spin, the traditional version of the dreidel game is endearing - but let's face it - the game is mind numbing after a few minutes. In fact, whenever we were ready to end our Hanukkah party we found the subtlest way to clear a guest-filled house was to play a round of dreidel.

But that changed during a six hour road trip a few weeks before our annual Hanukkah party. We had recently caught the poker bug, were having weekly games with friends and watching the World Series of Poker on TV. We were in the car planning the party and bemoaning the fact that we preferred Hold'em to dreidel.
Hello No Limit Texas Dreidel

That's when it hit us. We spent the rest of the drive discussing how to combine dreidel with poker - and No Limit Texas Dreidel was born! We unveiled it to our friends at our party and it was such hit, the game is no longer restricted to an 8-night event in December.

Experience Dreidel in a whole new way.

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